5 Pakistani Dramas where Women use Sexual Harassment for Control

5 Pakistani Dramas where Women use Sexual Harassment for Control

A shocked Saad goes to satisfy Faha and he or she spikes his drink.

Sexual harassment is a reasonably widespread theme in Pakistani TV serials.

Some Pakistani dramas painting ladies to be weak human beings who discover themselves adapting to the way in which a person desires them to be.

Nevertheless, as we progress right into a extra trendy world, Pakistani scripts have additionally change into extra trendy during which viewers see a distinct aspect of girls.

Many scripts now present ladies having the higher hand towards males and a number of other dramas now present the subject of sexual harassment used loosely towards them for ladies to achieve management.

Listed here are 5 dramas which have used sexual harassment as a way to blackmail males, giving ladies a way of management to get what they need.

Jannat Se Aagay

5 Pakistani Dramas where Women use Sexual Harassment for Control - jannat

Jannat Se Aagay highlighted a scene the place Jannat (Kubra Khan) asks Tabbasum (Ramsha Khan) if she has requested her driver to ship groceries to her home.

Tabbasum finds out that the motive force had complained to Jannat attributable to which Tabbasum was confronted about her actions.

An offended Tabbasum lies and tells Jannat that the motive force had harassed her and spins an online of lies in order that Jannat believes she is harmless.

Mujhe Pyar Hua Tha

5 Pakistani Dramas where Women use Sexual Harassment for Control - mujhe

Faha (Washma Fatima) is in love along with her cousin Areeb (Zaviyar Nauman Ijaz), however he’s in love with Maheer (Hania Aamir) who has married Saad (Wahaj Ali).

Areeb tries the whole lot to win again Maheer and a jealous Faha units out to spoil Maheer’s marriage due to the maintain she has on him.

Faha tells Saad that she has compromising images of Maheer and Areeb and threatens to make them viral if he doesn’t go to satisfy her at her home.

A shocked Saad goes to satisfy Faha and he or she spikes his drink.

Consequently, Saad loses consciousness, leaving Faha to say she had been assaulted by a drunken Saad.

To make the story extra plausible, Faha rips the sleeve of her high to make it look as if Saad had grabbed her while she tried to get away.

As a consequence, Saad is arrested and pleads his innocence, however the police don’t imagine him and he’s put behind bars.


5 Pakistani Dramas where Women use Sexual Harassment for Control - laapata

Laapata follows the story of Geeti (Ayeza Khan) who makes an attempt to change into a widely known social media star and sometimes makes use of her fame to get what she desires.

One episode exhibits Geeti going to a store and as she is about to stroll out along with her objects, the shopkeeper calls her again and tells her she has not paid.

This angers Geeti and instantly begins recording on her cellphone, telling her followers that she had gone to purchase some issues and the shopkeeper had subjected her to sexual harassment.

Because of her video, the shopkeeper finds himself dropping enterprise because the residents imagine Geeti.


Mein follows the egotistic Mubashira (Ayeza Khan) who believes she is best than everybody round her and tries to make use of her wealth and standing to belittle folks.

In a single scene, Mubashira is impolite to her driver and shouts at him to drive quicker.

He explains that he’s going as quick as he’s allowed to however Mubashira screams at him and says she desires to be dwelling in 5 minutes.

The driving force calmly explains that it’s unattainable to succeed in dwelling in 5 minutes because the journey takes half an hour.

Mubashira then tells him to close up and reminds him that he’s of a decrease class and has no proper to say something to her.

Having had sufficient, the motive force stops the automobile mid-journey and proclaims that he doesn’t want to work for her anymore, earlier than handing Mubashira the automobile keys.

An enraged Mubashira slaps the motive force and listening to the commotion two law enforcement officials ask what the issue is.

The driving force tells the reality and says that Mubashira was hurling abuse at him, to which Mubashira claims that he was harassing her. He’s then taken away to the police station and Mubashira is requested to offer a press release.


Dobara follows the story of Mehrunisa (Hadiqa Kiani) who marries a a lot youthful Maahir (Bilal Abbas Khan).

The wedding causes issues for each their households as they wrestle to know why they married each other regardless of the large age distinction.

Mehrunisa’s sister-in-law from her first marriage can’t settle for that Maahir has taken her deceased brother’s place and units out to tarnish his picture.

She ropes Sehar, Mehrunisa’s daughter-in-law, into her plan and tells her to say Maahir tried to sexually assault her once they had been alone.

Sehar agrees to the plan.

The storyline angered viewers as a result of many believed that Sehar might have refused the plan and supported her mother-in-law’s marriage.

These dramas have been extremely appreciated for tackling such delicate points so gracefully, however the scripts which falsely accuse others of abuse haven’t been effectively acquired by viewers.

It’s the duty of the writers and actors to make sure they don’t mock such points and to make use of their creativity to sort out taboo topics responsibly and ethically.

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